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Tensions, stress, anxiety and God knows what all.

You name it and we have it all. Literally all of it. A cricketer will have it for his upcoming match, a politician will have it for the upcoming elections, an office going person will have it for the end of the month, a salesman will have it for his targets, a regular person will have it for the bills/emi’s, vegetable seller will have it for his earning of the day and the list goes on.

We all have variety of things that we keep thinking about and force our minds to go under stress. Which invites a few unwanted things like headache, dehydration, tensed muscles, migraine etc.

The practical fact is, you taking tensions and thinking over and over about something will never make it easy. It never had, you know it. So, sometimes it is alright to don’t give a damn and just relax and do what makes you breathe easy for a while.

Storyz Of Zindagi : Life is much more than being worried about bills, jobs, money. Just take it easy and make yourself happy and comfortable.

You have all the rights to live for yourselves too.



Do you remember when you had to go to school for the first time you cried like hell and they handled it all and made you happy before you stepped in that school.

And now you want to send them to the old age home because you aren’t able to take care of them or whatever reason. They are crying because they wanted to stay with you since you were a child.

You wouldn’t realise that it was really hard for them to take out that extra money for your clothing, for your candy, for your toy car, for your amusement park rides and for your education. But they never said anything or just put you in some orphanage because of any random reason. While today for you its becoming difficult to afford their basic expenses.

Do you remember how bad your mother felt when you started prioritising your gf/bf over her. She never said a word. Still took time out for you when you were heart broken. But today knowing the fact that she needs you, you ignore her and spend time on social app or hanging out leaving her alone.

Do you remember that your dad was there everytime when you made a mistake either at home or at school to stand in front of you, listening to all your complaints from either your mom or your teacher. And enjoying with the same moment dodging you out of that situation. But today its difficult for you to even take him out for a walk because you don’t think its cool enough.

Well, There will be endless examples if I start quoting each and every one of them. But just a small and simple thing I wish to put in front of everyone today and ask each one of you reading this :

When our parents did everything going out of their capacity and limits just to keep a smile on our faces, spent sleepless nights but made sure we were asleep, ate half stomach but filled ours to the fullest, understood and participated in our mistakes being kids just like we were. Now that we have grown up enough and they have gotten back to there childhood because of there age (they still don’t want to be a burden though) is it not our responsibility to let them live their childhood and make memories like they helped us make ours?

Storyz Of Zindagi : They did everything they could to make us live and quote examples of our childhood to impress our friends. Now its our time to make them live their second childhood.

Make them feel special at this time, the same way they did your entire life.


A piece of advice for which many people are paying quite a lot now a days.

People have misconceptions related to a few things like :

MisCon.: OIL will make me fat and will surely put a few extra pounds on my body

Fact: Wherein, it is an ingredient that will always help for your healthy being. Oils like grapeseed, avocado, olive, flaxseed, walnut etc. are healthy oils and must be taken in limited quantity during the day. These have essential fatty acids and substances which are required as lubricants for our joints.


MisCon.: We can make the diet food at least eatable if we add tomato ketchup, or may be chilly sauce even vinegar or Soya sauce would work…

Fact: SAUCES ofcourse regular ketchup has additives and artificial ingredients in them that not only make your food yummy, but do accumulate fats in your tummy 😉. So one must replace the regular ones with the diet ketchup. A very famous one that I know is VEEBA. You can even replace vinegar with apple cider vinegar.


MisCon.: I eat only twice a day. How am I getting fat???

Fact: One must eat every 2:30 hours to 3 hours in order to keep the blood sugar levels streamlined and to keep the metabolism sharp. But must control the portions in order to feel hungry within the same cycle. Also choice of food as per my last blog should be wise to achieve your targeted goals.


MisCon: Fruits are too healthy, I must replace my meals with fruits.

Fact: FRUITS must be a part of your daily regime. Fruits like orange, pineapple, berries, kiwi etc that are rich in fibre and citrus in nature, should be included in your diet atleast once daily, either in the form of a salad or just one fruit, during the day time. Banana, musk melon, and fruits like these should be replaced with the ones listed earlier. These type of fruits can be eaten once in a while.

TIP : Soy for men should be occasional because soy activates estrogen receptors in our body. Though it varies from body to body and may not affect the same way because every individual is diffrent but its better to choose from other items listed in the previous post (HOW TO STAY HEALTHY) and keep it controlled.

TIP : Irrespective of your wish to loose weight/fat or gain weight/muscles. You must eat every 2:30-3 hours. Just the choice of food and portions will make all the difference.


Here are a few facts that you may already know. But if you don’t then these are going to be the most beneficial facts for you.

Tips and tricks for staying healthy and feel confident in any type of clothing you choose for yourselves.


As we all know that we must eat clean in order to stay fit and healthy. Now comes a question ,

  • What should I eat?
  • How often should I eat?
  • Will I have to starve to diet?
  • What drinks should i take?
  • What is the list of foods for me?

And the list goes on.

Just to answer almost all the basic questions that i get from people all the time.

You will either have to put on some weight or loose some extra pounds off. The list of food always remains the same as far as you wish to stay healthy. Its just the portion that changes and the fact that remains the same all the time Is the frequency of meals to eat.

You must always choose to eat healthy sources of carbs, such as

  • wheat pasta
  • boiled potato / sweet potato
  • brown rice / boiled white rice
  • oats
  • Avocado
  • Pulses
  • Multi grain breads

And clean sources of protein such as

  • eggs (the portion may differ from diet to diet whether you would keep the yolk or separate it)
  • Chicken breast
  • Ground beef
  • Fish
  • Tilapia
  • Soy ( soyabean )
  • Cottage cheese ( paneer )
  • spinach
  • Greek yoghurt
  • Quinoa
  • Peanut butter
  • Milk

Drink atleast 10-12 large glasses of water every day. Or 3-4 litres of water everyday. However is easy for you to measure.

Remember its never about filling up your stomach. Its about feeding your muscles.

Above mentioned are just tips which works for a mass majority in the world. Its not a diet plan or any comparison with any study released. Rather a few pointers that everyone must keep a note of, for a healthy living.

wait for my next blog that will help you out with some misconceptions.


I have got this new project, will I be able to do it?

I have my match tomorrow, will I be able to play well?

I have my exam tomorrow, will I do good?

Its my first day at work, will I be able to perform?

I have a date coming up, will I be able to impress?

I don’t know about this feeling, but its making me confuse and doubt upon what i have been doing, performing yet again in front of a new audience…

We always have this pressure of performance or a self doubt if we’ll be able to stand out and do what is required.

Its all in your brain, yes it may seem difficult, but if you do it you will either pass in it or you’ll fail there is nothing beyond it. You must attempt things in order to know your own capabilities. Just go for it with a positive mindset. Even if you fail you will come back with a lesson.

Storyz Of Zindagi : Believe in what you have. Its your faith that can change a negative into a positive. Never give up without even trying. Go ahead and learn how to crack any difficult situation.


To make every morning a good morning. There are a few things that everyone should follow (Dos) and a few things which everyone should give up on (Donts), in order to start the day with a smile, a relaxed mind, and prepared to rise and shine. You might feel that it’s useless, wastage of time, unrealistic due to daily chores in the morning but I guarantee if you follow these do’s and dont’s you will feel a drastic change in your days everyday.

The super easy things listed below are somethings that you must do to make yourself happy.

Its surely worth a try…

Everyday when we wake up, the first thing you should do is SMILE. Its the biggest and unbeatable motivation you give yourself for the upcoming day.

You should pray for a couple of minutes, to thanks god for another day of life. This will make you meditate for the same time too, which will activate your brain.

Make your bed, because no matter how your day will be, once you’ll be back you will have a bed fully prepared for you to relax. A messed up bed can spoil your mood even if you come back happy from work.

Drink plenty of water (1ltr atleast), this is the best time to detox your organs from the toxins it accumulated during the night and for your body to stay hydrated to function well throughout the day.

Move yourself a little, because you stayed in a resting position for about 6+ hours and your joints and muscles need to wake up too. Do a few warm up exercises for around 2-5 mins. That will make you extremely charged right when you wake up.

Start the process of getting fresh and taking shower, brushing your teeth. I am sure you will feel the change by this time compared to the other days.

Make sure to put your favourite songs to boost your happy hormones.

Now at the end when you are ready, you are allowed to check your phone. And not until you have checked all the points listed above.

Checking your phone right when you open your eyes hits your brain in a negative way. Seeing either a message from the bank stating your emi’s, or an email from the office for some deadline,so on and so forth. this will put you in a negative state instantly. AVOID IT

There is no need of socializing right when you wake up. You must live a few minutes for yourself too. You are going to socialize the rest of the day anyway.

Follow these steps and I challenge that you will feel a dramatic change in yourself. And will bring out an even better person.



As kids we had seen a million dreams. We visualised ourselves being, either a doctor, an engineer, an astronaut, a magician, a rugby player, a cricketer, a boxer and god knows what all.

It was crazy, when we had a dream and the next morning we started to behave like it, enact like it, talk like it the whole day.

We all were so curious to find out how would it feel to be like it. We were explorers while we were growing up. We always wanted to do it all. We didnt know the limit when it came to following our dreams and were often brought back into reality by our parents.

They were always right in teaching us how we can keep that instinct, that desire of achieving what we want to be, until we grow up.

And now when we have grown up all we understand and know is, we either have to go to our jobs or if already a businessman/businesswoman then have abundance of work.

My say here is, if it was your dream to become a businessman/businesswoman than go for it, if it was your dream to work for a company and lead the charts by being at the top of the hierarchy than nothing like it.

But if you wish to become something else then this is for you :

A businessman/businesswoman didnt hold that title overnight it took them years to become that.

An employee always comes in as a fresher. It then take endless efforts and a few years again to stand out and take promotions to be at the top of the hierarchy.

Similarly, YOUR DREAM whatever it is, it will take years of dedication and commitment and hardwork to become what you desire.

Yes it is a trend in our world since ages, study hard – get a good paying job – settle early – have kids and just keep running in the race called life.

Remember this: God has given us this life because we did stand out a lot of others, having the potential to make things happen. Just because of the opinions of the people who are following this trend of sprinting their life you are not supposed to stop doing what you want.

Yes it will take a lot of effort, it will be tiring, you will be spending sleepless nights, you will have to work like anything. But at the end,

Its better to work hard to make yourself wealthy and successful than working under someone and earning for them. – Vicky Khanna

If you’ve got a dream, you got to protect it. And let nobody tell you that you can’t do it. Not even yourselves.

The field outside is yours, go out and have it all.



Like everyone else around in this universe. I, sometime talk to myself about a lot of things.

Things like : Its been a long time now that i am struggling, when is this struggle coming to an end. I see kids half my age driving the cars i want to own, i see people wasting money like shit that i wish to own. I am working double shifts just to pay my bills every month. I have to buy these medicines, how should i plan to take that much out? I wish to eat noodles today but i cant because i have to meet the due dates. Will i be able to get more work? I have to enroll for this course, but its not getting in my budget. I have to buy groceries but my pocket doesnt allow me for now, i have got get my fuel tank refilled, lets see how far can i push my machine without it, i may recieve my weekly cheque soon. How long is this going to be like this. Am i ever going to succeed in what i have thought about myself?

A thousand of questions haunt me and people like me every day.

But there is one thing that i also talk about at the end of all these, that makes me get into it again. That is :

When i was in school i had to study in order to pass the exam to go to the next grade. Also, i was one of those who never bothered how much the other kid in the class scored. The only thing i knew was, am i happy with what i have got? And the answer was YES.

As you keep climbing your grades, get into college, study gets difficult than it used to be. Similarly, As you get old life gets tough it throws challenges that you have never dealt with.


Because you cracked it, dealt with it, you were consistent you were determined and you passed.

Remember, Life = School, Your syllabus will keep changing after each examination depending upon your result. In life, if your challenges are upgrading, Smile because you passed your last grade and you have now been promoted.

Storyz Of Zindagi : You will fail Only if you choose to fail. Never lead your life on people’s opinion. Talk to yourself because you are your best friend and will guide yourself like no one else can.

The struggle will surely be diffrent with everyone, but the solution is the same. Take one step at a time, dig deep and you shall see a new morning.