A piece of advice for which many people are paying quite a lot now a days.

People have misconceptions related to a few things like :

MisCon.: OIL will make me fat and will surely put a few extra pounds on my body

Fact: Wherein, it is an ingredient that will always help for your healthy being. Oils like grapeseed, avocado, olive, flaxseed, walnut etc. are healthy oils and must be taken in limited quantity during the day. These have essential fatty acids and substances which are required as lubricants for our joints.


MisCon.: We can make the diet food at least eatable if we add tomato ketchup, or may be chilly sauce even vinegar or Soya sauce would work…

Fact: SAUCES ofcourse regular ketchup has additives and artificial ingredients in them that not only make your food yummy, but do accumulate fats in your tummy 😉. So one must replace the regular ones with the diet ketchup. A very famous one that I know is VEEBA. You can even replace vinegar with apple cider vinegar.


MisCon.: I eat only twice a day. How am I getting fat???

Fact: One must eat every 2:30 hours to 3 hours in order to keep the blood sugar levels streamlined and to keep the metabolism sharp. But must control the portions in order to feel hungry within the same cycle. Also choice of food as per my last blog should be wise to achieve your targeted goals.


MisCon: Fruits are too healthy, I must replace my meals with fruits.

Fact: FRUITS must be a part of your daily regime. Fruits like orange, pineapple, berries, kiwi etc that are rich in fibre and citrus in nature, should be included in your diet atleast once daily, either in the form of a salad or just one fruit, during the day time. Banana, musk melon, and fruits like these should be replaced with the ones listed earlier. These type of fruits can be eaten once in a while.

TIP : Soy for men should be occasional because soy activates estrogen receptors in our body. Though it varies from body to body and may not affect the same way because every individual is diffrent but its better to choose from other items listed in the previous post (HOW TO STAY HEALTHY) and keep it controlled.

TIP : Irrespective of your wish to loose weight/fat or gain weight/muscles. You must eat every 2:30-3 hours. Just the choice of food and portions will make all the difference.